Your Gift Could Keep the Miles4Migrants' Mission Alive
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110M Individuals in Danger

Right now the world is facing an unprecedented forced migration crisis - from Gaza to Ukraine to Sudan - leaving families stuck in life-threatening situations. You can help: donate today and your gift will ensure refugees escape danger and rebuild their lives.

Our Impact

Miles4Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points, travel vouchers, and cash to help the most vulnerable individuals impacted by war, persecution, or climate disaster reunite with loved ones and start new beginnings in safety.

Number of People Flown
Countries of Origin
$ M+
Value of Flights Booked
Miles Redeemed

We accept

air miles, credit card points, travel vouchers, and money.

We help

individuals impacted by war, persecution, torture, and climate disasters.

We partner​

with 45+ NGOs and airlines in a global movement for good.

Meet the people we helped

How it works

Miles4Migrants works with 45+ nonprofit partners to identify individuals who have legal approval to travel but who cannot afford airfare. Our team will work to find an individual or family who could use your type of donation to cover their airfare.

Depending on your type of donation, Miles4Migrants will either use your gift to book a flight for someone through our Booking Team, or we will work with you to book the flight yourself. This is because some rewards programs do not allow our team direct access to your miles/points.

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