Our Approach

Empowering Resettlement, One Journey at a Time

Miles4Migrants redefines the way forced migrants access safe passage to their destination countries. Our unique approach begins with partnerships with global NGOs, streamlining their resettlement efforts. Our unique model also maximizes the impact of donations, ensuring gifts go further in providing a lifeline to someone in need.

For NGOs: A Powerful Partner

  • Streamlined Operations: We handle complex flight arrangements, freeing your resources for core services.
  • Multi-currency approach: We leverage donated miles, points, vouchers, and cash for the most affordable flights, maximizing your budget’s impact.
  • Comprehensive Travel Management: Our flight booking team manages refugee travel, including documentation, transit restrictions and booking the most convenient travel options possible within these limitations.
For Donors: Transform Lives with Your Contributions
  • Tangible Impact: Donated miles and points directly translate into life-changing journeys for those fleeing hardship. 91% of everything we raise go to our programs and services.
  • Efficient Giving: Our partnerships with major airlines streamline the donation process, guaranteeing the support goes the distance.
  • Proven Model: Seven years of data and expertise ensure we secure the most cost-effective travel options, amplifying the reach of every single donation.
Together, we can create a world where forced migrants can reach safety with dignity and  hope.  Join us in making a difference, one journey at a time.

Miles4Migrants' Four Pillars of Value Creation

Remove Transportation Barriers

We create value when we remove transportation barriers for the most vulnerable forcibly displaced migrants so they can exercise their human right to seek refuge.

Mine Resources

We create value when we proactively mine resources to transport forcibly displaced migrants.

Convene and Mobilize

We create value when we convene people and organizations to create efficient ways to rapidly respond to forced migration and crises.

Educate to Act

We create value when we create awareness about forced migration to inspire people and organizations to take action with what they have now.