A Love Story Transcending Borders

Amid conflict and displacement, a love story developed between Sudanese refugees *Mohamed and Akifa at Chad’s Oure Cassoni refugee camp. Their paths crossed, reigniting a childhood connection that evolved into a deep and lasting bond.

Vows of Hope and Anticipation

In 2004, Mohamed was forced to leave Sudan after violent clashes between the armed groups and the Sudanese government in North Darfur. He reached Chad and settled with his family in the Oure Cassoni refugee camp.

Not far from there, in the Iridimi refugee camp, Mohamed met once again Akifa. They knew each other from Sudan: their families used to live nearby in Sudan, and they spent time together.

In 2019, they exchanged vows. Their hearts were filled with hope and anticipation of a future together. However, fate had other plans. Akifa and her family were granted resettlement in France, leaving Mohamed behind in Chad. When she left, Akifa was pregnant with their firstborn.

Agonizing Separation and Unwavering Promise

The separation was unbearable, but Mohamed remained steadfast in his promise to join his beloved wife and son, who was born just a few months after Akifa’s departure. Mohamed witnessed the milestones of his son’s early life through video calls, cherishing each moment despite the pain of separation.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns added to their challenges, but their love endured, strengthened by their determination to reunite. Akifa and their son came to Chad for a visit and spent three months with Mohamed. When they left, Tomia was pregnant with their secondborn son.

A Dream Come True

With the legal support of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), which handled the legal process, and the generosity of Miles4Migrants‘ donors, Mohamed’s dream of reuniting with his family finally materialized. Our flight booking team used 36,000 United MileagePlus miles to fly him to France, alleviating $620 in airfare costs for the family.

In March 2023, after a four-year-long separation, Mohamed finally embraced his family in France, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Love’s Triumph – Reunited in France

After four years of longing, Mohamed was reunited with Akifa and their children. Their embrace is a testament to their enduring love and resilience. Together, they embarked on a new chapter in France, their love story a beacon of hope amidst their trials.

Mohamed and Akifa’s journey is a poignant reminder that love knows no boundaries and that the human spirit can persevere despite adversity.

*Names have been replaced with pseudonyms for safety reasons

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We collaborate with a network of global non-governmental organization (NGO) partners who work directly with refugees and migrants to identify and verify individuals who are financially unable to afford air travel. Once our partners submit flight requests, we use donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points, travel vouchers, and cash to eliminate transportation barriers for the most vulnerable individuals affected by war, persecution, or climate disaster. Our goal is to help these individuals reunite with their loved ones and start a new life in a safe environment.

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– According to the United Nations, there are currently 108 million individuals forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide.  

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that seeking asylum is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to life and liberty. Everyone has the right to freedom from fear. Everyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution.

As migration is often the last option for survival, migrants may embark on clandestine journeys, subject to danger, extortion, and inhumane conditions

Once they finally get legal approval for resettlement, migrants face another challenge that makes the journey seem impossible: the transportation costs.

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