Who we serve

Empowering Vulnerable Journeys

At Miles4Migrants, we’re driven by the belief that every individual deserves the right to seek safety and dignity. Unfortunately, over 110 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced from their homes due to war, persecution, and other threats. Their journeys are often filled with hardship and despair, primarily due to the lack of resources for safe travel.

That’s where we come in.
Partnering with leading NGOs, we focus on supporting the most vulnerable individuals within the displaced population:

Making up 40% of refugees globally, children face exceptional vulnerability during displacement. We collaborate with NGOs, like KIND, who identify these cases and manage legal processes, while M4M removes the transportation barrier by securing safe and dignified journeys.

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Women and Girls

During conflict and flight, women and girls encounter heightened risks of physical abuse, exploitation, and family separation. We partner with organizations like Too Young to Wed to support women at risk and facilitate family reunification.

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Facing persecution and discrimination in their home countries, LGBTIQ+ refugees often find similar challenges in host countries. We work towards a world free from discrimination by supporting organizations that address marginalization, violence, and healthcare access for this vulnerable population.

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Victims of War

War’s devastating impact leaves countless individuals displaced and traumatized. We partner with NGOs like Safe Passage 4 Ukraine, who support victims of war by facilitating safe passage and connecting them with essential resources to rebuild their lives.

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Family Reunification

Family unity is vital for the well-being, integration, and stability of refugees. When families are separated, displaced individuals face increased risks of psychological trauma, exploitation, and difficulty rebuilding their lives.

That’s why Miles4Migrants submitted a pledge to reunite 70,000 refugee families by 2030 during the Global Refugee Forum. It’s a groundbreaking initiative using innovative funding models and strategic partnerships to make family reunification accessible. We work to overcome the financial and logistical barriers that keep families apart, enabling them to find safety, comfort, and hope together.

Emegency Response

At Miles4Migrants, we understand that swift and decisive action is crucial in the face of humanitarian emergencies. We don’t wait for crises to unfold; we proactively develop response plans and partner with key organizations to support emergency evacuation efforts.

Over the past seven years, M4M has played a vital role in addressing two of the largest resettlement crises on the global stage:

  • Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund: Collaborating with partners like Air Canada and The Shapiro Foundation, we supported the evacuation efforts from Ukraine by flying 3,500 Ukrainians to find safety in Canada, focusing on reuniting families and providing safe passage to those most vulnerable.