Guinean Mother and Children Reunited After Three Years!

by: Aurore, Convivial Belgium – a Miles4Migrants NGO partner

“Kesso and her children had been separated for more than three years. Kesso had to leave the country and her children behind to prevent her youngest daughter from being tortured as a baby, as is customary in her culture. A large sacrifice she had to make.

Today, she is finally reunited with all her children*! She has no words to describe her feelings. She just hugs them again and again.

Thank you Miles4Migrants for making her dream a reality. She truly is without the words to express her gratitude.”

*Miles4Migrants flew Kesso’s two oldest children (pictured on the left and right), her youngest (middle) had already accompanied her on her initial journey to Belgium.

Kesso’s children thanked Miles4Migrants for their flights with this beautiful work of art!

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