A pregnant Honduran mother, who contracted COVID-19 in detention, is reunited with her children and husband after months apart

Celebrate with us! Another family reunited! Manuel and Alma made the heartbreaking decision to send their young children Cristi and Santi, ages 5 and 6, over the border alone to protect them from the dangers of border camps. The parents were forced to Remain in Mexico under the cruel MPP program. The siblings were detained in cells, with no parents or family members, for four months. Finally, Miles4Migrants’ partner Every Last One helped coordinate their release to their aunt in the U.S.⠀⠀After several months, Alma was allowed in the country. 8 months pregnant, she spent two horrifying days in freezing cold cells operated by Customs and Border Protection. There, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.⠀⠀After she completed her quarantine, Alma was finally able to reunite with Cristi and Santi, thanks to a Miles4Migrants supporter’s pledge of 16,000 American miles. Shortly after, Baby Mila was born– a great gift after so much turmoil! But the family was still missing their father. Seven months after Alma and Manuel were separated, Manuel was finally able to enter the U.S. and reunite with his family. 15,100 United miles donated through Miles4Migrants helped him meet his new daughter for the first time and hug his older kids after 1.5 years apart. Congratulations to this family, finally able to live life together again! (all names are pseudonyms to protect the family