A Father and Son’s Journey from Honduras to the U.S.

by: The father, an Honduran asylum seeker

“We left Honduras the last week in July 2019. When we approached to the port of entry they sent us back to Mexico, I had no idea why, no one explained why we had to go back to an area that we do not feel safe or have any one to help us.

We had to leave our country after my wife’s family started to be harassed by the Maras. We knew who they were and what they wanted after my brother in law started to build his home, the gang knew they have some money. They did not hesitate to ask for money or pay the consequences. Unfortunately for all, my wife was visiting his sister when gang members arrived. She had heart condition and she was not able to survive the stress situation that she was exposed. We went to the authorities but no help was given as the gangs are colluded with the local police.

My son and I were received at the port of entry on February 6, 2020 and been already in 3 different detention centers. My son has the same heart condition as my wife. I told this to every officer I have seen, but no one has done anything to treat my son, his heart is full of energy and hope now that we are going to be able to arrive to our final destination and continue our request in a safe area.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity in a new place.”