Ahmed and Halima’s Story

by: Ahmed, a Sudanese refugee in the UK

Childhood sweethearts Ahmed and Halima were apart for five years after they were married. Thanks to a Miles4Migrants donor, and through our partnership with Together Now, they are now reunited in the UK.

Ahmed shared his story with us:

“We met in a small village in the east of our country. We were both in school. She was wearing Muslim garb in blue. Her eyes were beautiful and my heart beat rose. Then I said to myself ‘that’s the one’.

It was especially difficult being apart as we were newly married and needed to get to know each other.

I was worried about how Halima was going to manage to change planes on the journey as she’d never left her mom’s house before. It was amazing for her to enter a plane for the first time and she enjoyed it.

It was a dream come true seeing each other at the airport. When we got home she said ‘Ahmed pinch me, I want to know if I’m dreaming.’

We both want to study and go to university – then I believe inshallah we are going to have a bright future.”

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