The Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund

We proudly have flown more than 3,500 individuals to safety through the Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund. The initiative closed in February 2023. Miles4Migrants continues to fly Ukrainians to Canadian and other countries with flights booked through our partners based on their available resources.

It’s important to note that Miles4Migrants doesn’t operate on the ground, which means we rely on a global network of partner organizations to identify and thoroughly evaluate individuals in need of assistance. As a result, we cannot provide direct assistance to individuals. We only process flight requests that are sent to us through our partner organizations.

You’ll find answers to many of your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, here.

The Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund was a partnership between Miles4Migrants, Air Canada, the Government of Canada, the Shapiro Foundation, American Express Global Business Travel, and MOSAIC

About Miles4Migrants

Miles4Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points, and cash to help people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster reunite with loved ones and start new beginnings in safe homes.

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Ukrainian family reaching their new home in Canada
Ukrainian family reaching their new home in Canada (from our partner TalentLift)