We seek ambassadors who empathize with our struggle.

Between a starting point and the finish line, there is an entire journey. A distance runner must be focused, committed, and resilient to face unexpected circumstances the entire way. The same characteristics that individuals forcibly displaced from their countries must have to remain hopeful along their journey towards safety. As a runner, you know that it takes both PHYSICAL and MENTAL endurance to finish a long race. Worldwide, millions of people today face another sort of endurance race.

SAFETY is their goal

Who we are

How can you help us?

Donate miles, credit card points, travel vouchers or money to help us fly forcibly displaced individuals.


  •  Share your run! Tell the world how you’re training, and invite others to join our movement!
  • Wear the mission: Carry our logo to the finish line with sponsored Miles4Migrants gear.
Be a RunRaiser! Every mile you run matters.

Help us raise awareness by kicking off your own fundraiser for your upcoming race. Your supporters can pledge their frequent flyer miles in support of your journey.


  • We will showcase your goals and achievements!
  • Be the first to know about races and events showcasing the journey of forced migration.

Join us and make safety only a few miles away

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