Award Travel 101 is proud to be partnering with Miles4Migrants to help raise United Airlines miles through the United Miles on a Mission Campaign.

Your donations help people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster start a new beginning in a new home. Miles4Migrants works directly with NGO partners who identify refugees, asylees, asylum-seekers, and their immediate family members, who have legal approval to travel but cannot afford airfare, and then Miles4Migrants helps fly them to their new homes!

Award Travel 101 will be matching donations up to 75,000 total!

A Rare Opportunity!

Until July 22nd, Miles4Migrants has the ability to pool donated United Airlines miles for flight bookings. We normally have a minimum United pledge amount of 15k. During this campaign, you can donate as few as 1,000 miles!

Miles4Migrants usually needs your assistance to proceed with booking flights when a case matches your pledge. Through this campaign, you can donate your miles directly to our United MileagePlus account so we don’t need to go through you to book a ticket when the time comes!

This means your miles will be used more quickly and can be combined with other donors to help even more members of the refugee community reach safe new homes!

Sammy's family are some of the many Heroes we've flown using United Airlines miles!

Our United miles usage since December 2019:

United Miles Redeemed
Individuals Flown to Safe Homes
$ 0
Cash Value of Flights Booked
Heroes we've flown with United Airlines miles