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This Week Only: Double Your Impact with Aeroplan Donation Matching

By Patrick Stouffer For a limited time, Aeroplan will match all donations to Miles4Migrants (and only Miles4Migrants), up to half a million points! That could represent dozens of reunification and relocation flights for asylum seekers and refugees. If you’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to donate your Aeroplan or Amex Membership Rewards Points — …

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Easter Traditions from Around the World

Whether it is gathering for religious services, Easter egg hunts, or brunch, Easter is usually spent surrounded by people you love. While you may have certain family traditions during the holiday, many cultures around the world also have their own, such as drinking homemade Tej, dressing up pets in costume for blessings, or making tamales! We’re sharing some traditions and celebrations from around the globe, highlighting the cultures of many Miles4Migrants passengers.

Add to your menu: Poulet DG from Cameroon

“Poulet” means chicken in French, and “DG” is the French acronym for Directeur General, which means CEO, so the dish translates to “The CEO of Chicken.” The dish includes fried plantains and ripe chicken– ingredients that were rare and a delicacy mainly reserved for the Cameroonian CEOs, hence its name.

What does home mean to you as an LGBTQ+ migrant?

As migrants, seeing our family restores balance. It reminds us who we are and why we are here, why this – despite all the hardships – is still the right choice. We remember that, even in a land like this one, both full and empty, we have the best of both worlds. For migrants, being with family represents loosening the strings the puppet has to walk with on a daily basis, be worry free and just enjoy a moment that stays with us forever. To heal. We are thankful for every opportunity, and once we recharge that “amor de casa,” the fog lifts, and we are happy. The sun shines just for us, even through the rain and snow, six feet apart.

Please note: Your contribution helps support refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers from many parts of the globe who are in need of airfare. All donations will be used to support our most urgent flight requests, which includes, but is not limited to, Afghanistan.

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