Updated April 6th, 2022

Miles4Migrants stands in solidarity with those impacted by the unjustified and unprovoked Russian attacks on Ukraine. Our team is actively booking flights for Ukrainians to get from temporary housing in border countries to longer-term homes in other locations. Miles4Migrants works through our network of charity partner organizations who identify individuals in need of flight assistance, verify that the case meets the parameters of our mission and that the person has legal permission to travel, and submit flight requests to our team. We are currently unable to support flight requests that do not come in through one of our approved partner organizations.


Over the next few months, we expect an increased number of flight requests to come in and are accepting donations to help fund these flights. Any donations raised through miles, points, or cash will go toward booking flights for Ukrainians in need of flight assistance, as well as for other refugee communities that Miles4Migrants continually supports. Right now, our most-needed programs are Southwest, United, and Air Canada.