“In my country I was imprisoned for 3 days for no other reason than my being of an ethnic minority group…”

by: An Anglophone U.S. Asylee from Cameroon. Flights provided by Miles4Migrants pre-COVID-19

“The journey to the U.S. was hard and dangerous. I was so happy to reach this country. But when I got here and asked for asylum, they put handcuffs and shackles on me, I was confused, and I couldn’t understand… I could only trust in God.

God protected me the many months I spent in detention. He guided me through the interviews and court hearings, and I was granted asylum.

When they released me from detention, I had exactly 3 cents. I cannot believe that in this country people are willing to help a stranger. I am grateful to the person who paid for my airfare to go live with my cousin and to Miles4Migrants for having made it possible.”