A Palestinian Family Reunion in Belgium

by: Jen, Miles4Migrants Director of Operations

“We’re happy to share that less than two weeks after we asked for monetary donations to help this family, they are now reunited with their family in Belgium! We’re delighted to share more about their journey along with a few photos of their reunion.

Their departure from Gaza was delayed by five long days, however, Sunday morning, they received the good news that it was their turn to enter Egypt. Once they were able to make it through Rafah Crossing, they smoothly progressed through the Sinai desert and checkpoints. Once in Egypt, your cash donations were able to provide three rooms (enough for a family of seven) for two nights in a hotel while they rested and waited for their flight.

While resting in their hotel rooms, the youngest child, an 8 year old boy, told his father, “From now if there is any war in Gaza, I will be in safe.” [sic]

At the same time, the children’s mother was anxiously awaiting their arrival and looking forward to being able to wake up every day with her family.

The seven passengers were welcomed at the airport by not only their wife/mother, but also extended family who we are sure will play an instrumental role of support in their new homes and community. The family asked that we pass on a message that “they’re so happy and thankful for you.”

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the touching photos the family has shared.”

How Miles4Migrants helps

We collaborate with a network of global non-governmental organization (NGO) partners who work directly with refugees and migrants to identify and verify individuals who are financially unable to afford air travel. Once our partners submit flight requests, we use donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points, travel vouchers, and cash to eliminate transportation barriers for the most vulnerable individuals affected by war, persecution, or climate disaster. Our goal is to help these individuals reunite with their loved ones and start a new life in a safe environment.

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– According to the United Nations, there are currently 108 million individuals forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide.  

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that seeking asylum is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to life and liberty. Everyone has the right to freedom from fear. Everyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution.

As migration is often the last option for survival, migrants may embark on clandestine journeys, subject to danger, extortion, and inhumane conditions

Once they finally get legal approval for resettlement, migrants face another challenge that makes the journey seem impossible: the transportation costs.

There are many ways for you to get involved and help us continue our work:

You can donate cash to help us cover operational expenses or contribute your unused air miles, credit card points, or travel vouchers to help us book flights for refugees and asylum seekers. Additionally, you can help us spread the word about our cause and our impact on the lives of those we serve.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, has the power to make a difference. Thank you for considering supporting our mission.

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